CMSimple Menu Manager Version 2006c
Installation / Supported Browsers

The Menu Manager works in Internet Explorer 6 and Firefox. Opera, Safari and other Browsers are not supported.

To install it, copy the folder to the Plugins Directory of CMSimple.
CMSimple needs the plugin loader from to run the Menu Manager.

If you have trouble with the installation you will find help in the official board at

How to use the Menu Manager

Drag & Drop the menuitems to where you want to have them.

Drag them out of the screen to the right side to delete.

Add a new page by dragging it into the menutree and giving it a name.
You can only add one new page at a time.
To add more, save first.

For optimal performance of the plugin, use Firefox!

Changing the Design

You can change the look by editing the CSS and image files in the CSS Folder of the plugin.

Contact me

You can contact me at